Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists, Law Enforcement Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Mortgage Brokers, 

Human Services Consulting Group, Inc. aims to provide Continuing Education Hours on subjects relevant to the daily activities and responsibilities of  Social Workers, Counselors, Therapists, Mortgage Brokers, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Law Enforcement Officers. 

HSCG is approved by the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation Board of Social Worker Examiners, Board of Licensed Practicing Counselors, SC Consumer Affairs and the State Police Academy to provide Continuing Education Hours.   

Classes are presented throughout the state on a monthly basis to:

  • Counselors

  •  Social Workers

  • Marriage and Family Therapists

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Firefighters

  • EMTs

  • Mortgage Brokers

Classes range from core trainings, i.e. sexual harassment to specific areas such as therapeutic options for mood disorders.

For a detailed description of approved classes click the link below:

The Effects of the Internet on the Family-Adult Relationships

The Effects of the Internet on the Family-Children

The Power of Beauty: How Women View Their Bodies from Adolescences to the Grave and How it Effects Their Psyche

Sexual Harassment

Workplace Relationship Skills


Americans With Disabilities Act

Conflict Resolution

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Mood Disorders

Caring for the Elderly


Adlerian Therapy

Stress Disorders




Companies and Governmental Agencies


Human Services Consulting Group aims to limit a company’s exposure

to lawsuits and EEOC investigations brought under Title VII of the 1964

and 1991 Civil Rights Acts by providing anti discrimination preventive



A policy alone does not meet the EEOC’s standards to protect your

company from punitive damages. Anti-discrimination training is now

an essential function of a Human Resources Office. 


Companies that provide anti-discrimination training limit their exposure

to punitive damages, are able to present an affirmative defense and are

meeting the benchmarks set forth by the EEOC and recent Supreme

Court rulings.



o       To lead employees in their daily work routines, resolve employee

          conflict and create a positive work environment

o       To respond to employee complaints and problems as they relate

          to discrimination and employment laws

o       To serve as positive role models for employees

o       To successfully avoid financial losses for the company due

          to discrimination lawsuits and employees’ lost time.



o       To conduct their behavior appropriately as it applies to sexual

          harassment and all other discrimination laws

o       To be knowledgeable of their rights and responsibilities under

          Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with

          Disabilities Act

o       To inform the appropriate personnel of irregularities and

          any action directed at them that violates anti-discrimination laws



  •     Organizations that depend upon volunteers for existence need to ensure their   behavior and conduct is representative of the organization


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